L3 Challenge: Group Pledge

Physical Activity

  • At least 5 hours a week with the ultimate goal being 1 hour a day


  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast everyday
  • At least three bottles of water a day (48oz)
  • 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetables a day
  • No full meals after 9pm
  • Reduce pork/sodium intake and increase calcium intake

Sexual Health

  • Abstinence or Safe Sex
  • Get tested for STDs if you are sexually active
  • Get a physical every year

Emotional Well-Being

  • No Illegal Drugs
  • At least 6 hours of sleep
  • No social media while studying (i.e. not text messages or tweets)
  • Find a good mentor 

Overall Health

  • Dental Check ups two times a year
  • Great Hygiene (Deodorant, brush teeth, floss, and shower) 
  • Protect skin (lip balm, lotion, and sun screen)


  1. I just got back home with my mom from running 2 miles in the subdivision.

  2. Take the L3 Challenge!!!! Join us. Be sure to tell how you are meeting pledge goals.

  3. Volleyball practice if hard work even though it seems easy tired out my mind.

  4. I just bought my THIRD case of water I haven't had any drinks/juices and I've continued to eat ONLY baked meals NO FRIED foods or candy, snacks, etc. at all! I've been working out w/ the football team every day after school for 2 hours and 45 minutes in my spare time and I jog 4 miles every sunday with my mom and cousins.

  5. Anonymous is me guys... I clicked the wrong thing, sorry. Lol

  6. I feel so bad for coming to this blog late! I AM THE GREAT PROCRASTINATOR! Any who; Regardless of any prize or any reward, I am going to start following the L3 Challenge. I am ending my first college semester this month, and a new year is coming in. College has been an awakening! I realize you can't do great in college if you do not take your health and physical being seriously, so I did just that. I woke up at six o'clock in the morning, three times a week and went to my school track to run. Studies show that most teenagers don't take time out of their day to just simply think about themselves or their goals, a problem mainly caused by social media in my opinion. Running every morning gave me time to think about myself and my life, which is what I encourage many of the seniors going to college for the first time to start doing! I also stopped eating pork and started adding more grains and whole wheat to my diet. I found it hard to eat 2 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, but it became the norm for me when the month of November came around. I confess, I do have a problem with eating after nine. I'm a college student. We stay up late, especially around midterms and finals, and we do get hungry. It became hard to get at least six hours of sleep when I first began St. John's, but as I got adjusted to my class and extra-curricular activities, sleep was easy to find (as if it was lost), so I encourage you all to keep a calendar and a reminder list whether it is on your phone or otherwise. These things may sound old-fashioned or over exaggerated right now. They definitely sounded that way to me when I was senior, but these simple things can and will make your college experience feasible and exciting!
    -Jada Marshall

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  8. took a bike ride to and from my friend's house!


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