Monday, April 29, 2013

Drinking water in style ;)

6 words. Get. A. Cute. Water. Bottle. I've recently just got one and too my surprise I bring it to school every single day. I  find myself constantly filling it up from the water fountains at school(Trying to stop using water bottles).  In fact, déjà sits beind be in math class. Yup, I'm talking bout' the cute fancy looking orange water bottle, she know WASSUP ;) lol another thing I started doing is cutting up lemon and putting them in the water. I got this idea from another friend in my math class. Who knew lemon water cuts down craving...well, not me.  


  1. Post a picture of this cute water bottle :-)

  2. Yea thats a great idea, because so many people do not like drinking water. You can also try cutting up cucumber slices and putting it inside of the water ! Its a great way to give the water flavor !


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