Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Benefits and TRICKS

I am EXTREMELY PROUD OF MY CLEAR SKIN! Its all because I have completely cut out soda of my life since March. While I admitted I cheated three times when I was out somewhere like a party I am working on that weakness. But not having the soda in my fridge helped with the temptation but IF ANYONE KNOWS A HEALTHY SUGAR BOOST PLEASE! PLEASE! SHARE! Anyways here are some healthy tips that I have been useful for me:

1)My teacher introduced me to this trick it's called infused water. You put fruit into your water and let it sit for at least 30 minutes and no more than half a day (because then it gets soggy). I usually put my fruit in my water bottle overnight in the fridge, and then drink it in the morning. I prefer to use citric fruits like lemon, orange slices and even strawberries because it gives the water a sweet kick and depending on how long you leave it in, it might even change the water's color. =)

2) Exercising in the morning. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. However, school still isn't over so I have to be on time for graduation practice. As such, I do my strengthening/light exercises such as stretches or yoga in the morning as a way to wake up.  I find most my yoga exercises on YouTube and usually if I really like a channel I will subscribe or add it to my exercise playlist. So far this trick has helped me with my patience and jump starting my brain. PLUS WHEN I WENT TO THE Y THE OTHER DAY, Mr. Elliot told me that strength training activities when done right. continue to burn fight even after your done exercising unlike CARDIO.

3) Eat your fruit before you eat our real meal. It helps with your digestion and if your eat two fruits before every meal then you will fulfilled your requirement without thinking about it. I like to have banana and strawberry smoothies with breakfast and then walk with some for school. You get your vitamin A, D. Dad shared this tip with  me.

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